Eritreisch-katholische Gemeinde

Eritreisch-katholische Gemeinde
Contact person
Pfarrer / parish priest Abba Dawit Zeramariam (⇒)

Elsterstraße 18, 65933 Frankfurt am Main

General info

Die Gottesdienste finden in der kath. Kirche St. Hedwig statt.

About us

“Eastern Churches in Germany Online Directory” is a website sponsored by the Johann Adam Moehler Institute for Ecumenics in Paderborn. It comprises contact dates of parishes in Germany belonging to an Oriental Orthodox, Eastern Orthodox or Eastern Catholic Church from the Middle East or Northern Africa. The trilingual website (English, German, Arabic) should enable refugees from these countries and their advisers to find a parish of their Church tradition in Germany.  For amendments, corrections or comments please use our mailing address